Suggestion on distractions

Hi coaches, I would like to ask you a practical suggestion, based on your experience, that I might use as an inspiration for myself. I know most of you work from home and have a busy schedule during the day. I am in a similar position, where I am working from home as a researcher, so involved in task that demand focus and mental energy, as you do. It is clear that we cannot remain concentrated forever and especially when we are learning it’s important to take breaks from the topic itself. I have the belief some distraction away from the content you are reading allows your brain to refocus better. It’s a belief but haven’t been able to challenge it so far. If we take this as fact, however, then comes the choice on how do we distract our brain from the content. The feelings I chase are carefree and relaxed, fun, entertained.

At the moment what I regularly do I take a few minutes where I check my phone, check the news or sport event. This for sure works, but also comes at the cost of maintaining my desire for news and social media, so that they I tend to use them as go-to ways to chase relief and buffer outside of my planned time.

My questions for you:
1 – How much is it really realistic and reasonable to think we can plan everything beforehand? Said from a different angle, if people say I don’t buffer any more, is it not buffering at all actually realistic, is staying on plan and allowing urges for all sort of impulses achievable, and even desirable?
2 – Any suggestions for short mind breaks from content, I would be very curious to know what you coaches use for these breaks other than checking news/socials/emails to create carefree and relaxed, fun, entertained.

Thanks a lot.