Sunday dread

This question is about Sunday anxiety and dread. Sundays, I tend to do all the prep work for my week: food shopping, cooking, laundry, etc. But what I want to do is relax, read, enjoy the day, especially the morning. It’s the only day that I don’t actually have to get up and be somewhere by a specific time. The work week for me is pretty tight on time for the above activities and I feel more in control if I do all that on Sunday.I have a demanding job and I want to feel completely present during the week and not worry about the tasks of maintaining my life. Plus having the shopping and cooking done ensures the kids and I eat healthy during the week.
Saturdays, the kids have sports and sometimes we will do something fun so I don’t generally want to do any of the tasks on Saturday either. Right now as I write this, I am conflicted between wanting to hang out at home with some coffee and relax versus get dressed, go to farmer’s market and do my shopping and get on with my day. Plus, of course there’s work I “should” be doing.
How to manage the “to dos” versus what I want to do without feeling like a loser if I just do nothing.