Sunday Flight


Getting on a plane on Sunday to head to the Modelthon. This is going to sound silly, but I am not feeling super anxious about it right now, and I am getting anxious about not being anxious. (Which sounds totally weird when I type it out). I feel like I have done a lot of prep work and I am ready to just do it. I think I am never going to know if I can do this if I don’t just get on a plane and see what happens. That being said, I think I am thinking I will not be prepared this weekend because I am not feeling anxious, so I am not having to really tightly manage my thoughts right now. I know that might change when I get to the airport. I am sure you never thought you would not have me complaining about NOT being anxious LOL! Oh and no Chad on this flight, he could not make it, so it is all me. I think that is making me braver. What do you think? Big payoff on Monday, cannot wait to see you! Thanks for any last minute words of wisdom.