Sunday Hour One First Time

Hello! Today I did my first Sunday Hour One. I noticed that it was really hard for me to plan my downtime first. I thought that if I did that, then I wouldn’t have time to get everything else done. I also realized that I didn’t really schedule enough time between tasks going into the week. I don’t work full time yet, but a lot of my time outside of work is consumed by tasks – laundry, cleaning the apartment, dinner, meal planning, budgeting etc. My thoughts about it all made me feel resentful towards my husband because he doesn’t put it on his schedule. For example my thought was – I have to take my calendar space to clean the apartment and he doesn’t. That’s not fair. I also had the thought – There’s no time for me to do what I want because my calendar is just full of household chores and to dos. In some cases, those are things I want to do. I want to know our budget, plan what we are eating for dinner each week, and have a clean apartment. Maybe instead of taking time to do them during the week, I do them on the weekend? I just know he won’t get it done, so I don’t want to feel resentful or expect he to do it when I know he won’t and I’ll show up for myself and get it done. Lastly, is it best to set up the calendar and have the tasks reoccur each week? I didn’t do that this week because I know I may need to adjust the times as I move forward. Thanks!