Sunday Night scaries Part2

First, thank you for your very quick reply. I wanted to answer the questions you posed because I can see where my resistance is in my brain, which is just intensifying my “scaries”

Your Questions:
1. So who are you? I’m a lawyer, blogger, dressmaker, and working on building my life coaching business.
2. Who are you at this job you are going to? A lawyer
3. Who do you want to be? Life coach and seamstress
4. Are you doing your best? Yes.
5. Showing up your best?
Yes, I don’t know how to show up B-. Last Monday I had a rough morning, but pushed through and kicked ass.
6. Doing a side hustle to get your loans paid back? Yes and to transition out of law practice into a full time coaching practice. My first ebook and Facebook group coach are scheduled to launch March and April, respectively.
7. Looking for something that makes more money faster? With my law job I make money faster bc of the bonus structure. I took your advice from SOM class and am a billing machine.

8. How much are you asking of yourself. ALOT ALOT bc I know I’m capable of alot. I just feel super weepy and afraid of it all falling apart and winding up humiliated. I wouldn’t call it self pity bc I’m not mired in inaction. I’m trucking along…so I must be missing something.

I know my niche (postgraduate women in 20s-30s who got a degree and think now wtf?) feels this way too so if I could Crack the Sunday night scaries code for me I could help loads of other ladies.

Again thank you!