Super frustrated with progress


I have been here for 6 months almost and I’m super frustrated with my results. I’m trying to lose 20 lbs, cut back on drinking, and make 100K and its very difficult to see results in any area. If I make progress in one area, the other areas falter. Then I try to focus on another area. And then the other areas falter. So, now my results are that I haven’t made my business what it needs to be and I’m still at 160 lbs. I guess I had to learn on my own that constraint should be taken seriously. I thought I could do all 3 things at once. Adding too much to my plate is a huge issue I’ve had throughout my adult life. So, I’m gonna just put this here: I’m going to focus on my business goal only. I feel sadness giving up my other goals…. and I feel them secretly in the back of my mind. I am going to still do my protocol and still cut back on drinking but just not focus on them. SEE: I haven’t really given up my goals….How can I just focus on ONE thing? I am tired of spinning.