My Super Power Persona

Hi Brooke. I wanted to share with you that I named my Super Power. It came to me on the treadmill during my workout this am.

I have always liked the name Samantha (or Sam for short) for a girl. So as I was working hard on the treadmill, I found myself saying “You can do it, Sam!” It was sounding just right… And then it started to sound really familiar…

THEN I realized that it’s because I used to read the book “You can do it, Sam!” to my kids. It’s about a bear named Sam, who was a bit timid and shy. Her mother encouraged her to do things that would give her courage and confidence…

OMG. Was that my subconscious at work?

I laughed a little when the dots connected, and then I pushed my Sam a little harder: “Kick ASS, SAM!”

There’s something different about having this other persona to relate to, to talk to, to encourage. Because it’s much harder to show up for myself than for others, this feels like it’s going to work.

I think she and I are going to have a blast during some River of Misery moments. 🙂

Thanks for your wise words, always.