Superiority ?!

I‘m working currently on a model, that obviously reflects on me and seems to be a (misguided) thought or strategie to feel better. I’m trying to understand with compassion what is going on here while I feel shocked about it… It is possible that it is about a need for superiority and justifying my value in comparison to others – more or less mistakes.

My questions are:
– How can I focus more on the „good“ things?
– How would you address this model (below) to flipp it?
– Which podcasts are talking about this kind of thing? (I couln‘t find a specific title about superiority or comparisons, perfectionisme…

C: I‘m an observer.
T: ha, she as well is not perfect
F: wary
A: looking for mistakes and weaknesses
R: relationship suffers, I‘m suffering probably the most

Thank you!