Hello! Thank you for your help.

I carry some beliefs based on “predictions” others have made and they cause me to feel powerless and frustrated. I know they are not serving me and understand believing them is the opposite of creating my own life. I still want to pick and choose which “predictions” to believe. I want to believe positive predictions and not believe negative ones. For example, I don’t read horoscopes regularly, but if on a whim I do, I tend to believe what I read if it resonates with me and if it doesn’t, it goes in one ear and out the other.

Here are examples of negative predictions that I have been carrying for years:

As a child I was told by a friend’s mom (who said she could read palms in a moment of silliness during a vacation) that money would be a struggle for me and I wouldn’t have it (this has never been true but I fear it will be someday).

Another instance was when an older gentleman who sat next to me on a plane said I would not live a long life.

Finally, I once went to a medium and she said if I had two children, the second would be tough. She said other positive things about my life but this one has caused me a lot of fear regarding having two children.

Here are two models:

Unintentional Model

C – Medium said, “if you have a second child, she will be tough”.
T – This is true
F – Powerless (heavy body, stuck)
A – I think I should only have 1 child then; worry; I act like a victim
R – I create negativity regarding creating a family

Intentional Model

C – Medium said, “if you have a second child, she will be tough”.
T – I choose what to believe about this
F – power (more energized)
A – I am willing not to believe it; I feel more in control of my thoughts; I am grateful that I am managing my mind; I stop worrying and catastrophizing
R – I create space for a new belief

I don’t quite believe my intentional model…I feel it has potential, but I still don’t quite believe it.

Thank you!