Supplemental delivery of coaching program content to client

I have completed development of my program ‘The Anger Solution’ targeted at high performing successful men over 40. It will be a 7 session program. A significant portion of several of the sessions is content/teaching. I have also developed worksheets for each of the sessions.

My plan is that I will deliver this content in the 1-on-1 coaching session, of course not as a lecture but in an interactive way with the client. But I have a developed the content in the form of a lecture – it’s a coherent writeup for each lesson.

I’m wondering about whether and how to provide this content to the client in addition to the live lesson.

Some thoughts and questions:
1 – I’ve pretty much decided I don’t want to provide the content before the lesson. But perhaps tI should be open to this. What do you think?

2 – Assuming delivery after the lesson, I could see the following possibilities:
A – .pdf of the written content in paragraph form
B – audio or video of me presenting the content as a lecture
C – recording of our coaching session

Thanks in advance,