Hello. I was hoping I could get some coaching on resistance to allowing my husband to be human. Yesterday we exchanged words and I know that internally he struggles when things are not complete. He typically tries to force me to make a decision so he can feel better. Then, I take it personally like he is attacking the way I do things and that making decisions quickly is better and since I don’t, I am lacking.

My thinking brain knows it’s him stressing out and wants to make a decision and has nothing to do with me. My fear brain is having a hard time allowing for that. It’s like I can’t allow him to be him and get my own back. I am wondering if you could guide/coach me into making some progress so the thoughts that I know intellectually are true start to bring some relief. For example, the thought “this has nothing to do with me” I do believe, but when I think it I am met with resistance and also blocks compassion for me and him. Thanks!