Surgery decision

When I started scholars

I decided to pull the trigger on a getting surgery that I have wanted for 11 years
Some reconstructive surgery to fix some pregnancy related damages that exercise can’t fix.

Brook said massive action is going till you get the result and that discomfort is the currency to your dreams……

I was excited resolved and ready!

Money ready
Surgery dates lined up…

Then I started losing weight and it seems less important, and I feel less sure of it being the right choice. But I have I committed to myself.

I have been spinning in circles all day (for a few days) maybe years lol andyesterday was the day I was set to choose surgery date

I am using lots of reasons to not go forward

I tend to in the past lol sometimes struggle with making a decision….
that feels like the pervasive thing on this.

1 I want to see how I look after doing a protocol,
2 I don’t know if I can handle the pain
3 And I am having the experience of brining in zero money and in fact losing money as I cancelled the sale of my yoga studio and I’m pumping money in to keep it open. That feels urgent.

Love to get guidance on this I will be on the call today until 545 eastern then I have to catch the tail end of call on the replay


I have not been coached before

C surgery
T I don’t know what I should do or not do
I feel like I’m in a blind spot
F fear (even terror ) Indecision, pressure, confusion lack of clarity or resolve
A not making a decision, wasting time, spinning worrying
R things not getting done, staying in indecision not fixing my things that bother me and keep thinking about them
Wasting my time and maybe yours….