surprise 3.0

Heyy Coaches,    

You know what happened today? My friend Bettina wrote me a letter, nice surprise right? But I wasn’t that excited, as I already have sent her a letter. It wasn’t that surprising or exciting to me to get this letter from her.

But, I also sent one letter to a girl who I sometimes chat with on Instagram, just because she was feeling lonely. Today, 2 weeks after I sent hers, she sent one for me.
It’s funny, because with her letter, I was much more happy and excited.

Maybe because I didn’t have any expectations? Cause she isn’t my friend and Bettina is… so I expect her to do something for me I think.

It’s funny because if Bettina had sent me something more spectacular than just a letter, I would be more exciting. Let’s say I wasn’t impressed. Does that make sense?

I’m the kind of person that isn’t happy with just giving a perfume or stuff like that as a present… It needs to be soo special! And really thoughtful.

Maybe because of that I wasn’t’ that impressed… and when I’m not impressed, I’m not gonna be surprised?

So maybe the solution is not having expectations?

Its just something I observed and wanted to share with you coaches. So maybe I can like gain more awareness and not control people all the time for my sake and pleasure