hi there
in this crazy times i’ve found that i take lot of times to analyze and think about my behaviour. I LOVE IT!!
So here is one more and i wanted your opinion on it.

i love surprises.. i love giving them and absolutely love receiving them.
i’m the kind of friend who tells you white lies so i can deliever you the perfect present. and i love to be that friend. its fun and special. i love showing people how good i know them.

the only thing is that try to control people to do the same for me.. like for example i will drop hints or show them things i want.
i will try so many things for the wrong reasons..
i know that and every time i do it now i will tell myself that i do this now because i want to control my friend so i get the surprise.
which of course never works. they always get it wrong haha.
and even if they do its not really a surprise anymore. i just realized that haha.

but what i want to like learn is to be at peace with no receiving any surprises and to just be happy with giving.
the reason i love receiving is because its so exciiting and i love receiving thoughtful gifts!!
any thoughts on this?