Surrounding yourself with the right people

Hi Coaches,

I hear entrepreneurs talk a lot about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. ‘Right people’ usually meaning people that are big, ambitious dreamers like you are – who will encourage you to take risks, leap forward, grow, and are doing those things themselves. I’m an entrepreneur, and of course I want to be surrounded by those things (so positive thoughts can more easily be triggered by my circumstances) but my best friends and family and most people in my life are not like me. I hear so many entrepreneurs saying that “this is the way you should do it” and blah blah blah, but I love my friends and family, and also want to be a hyper successful entrepreneur.

I see my block being what I am thinking you must surround yourself with in order to be successful (this is the story), but I wanted to ask your opinion (?) or input about this theory. I think it could be argued that it’s easier to be around ambitious, motivated people, but if they are not like me in that way, can I still remain as ambitious and motivated? I know I get to choose what I believe. Somehow I keep knocking up against this ‘fact’ I keep hearing. I’d love your thoughts.