Survival mode

I just had an AHA moment during a coaching call today.

I realize when someone tries to say or show that I’m wrong or when people don’t act in ways that follow the rule book or don’t know how to handle me; my primitive brain of survival mode kicks in. Then, I start showing up in fear and I shrink.

This is a really deep issue for me to heal. I feel it will help me a lot in my relationships if I shift.

Can you suggest a learning path that deep dives into getting over this default mode of always acting in “survival mode?” Then how I expect others and everyone else to know how to handle me because I don’t know how to handle myself. It’s like it’s gonna go downhill if you don’t know how to stop it or don’t know how to handle me.  But it’s not other people’s responsibility and I want to stop expecting that because it won’t work.