surviving winter

Hey Brooke,

Really struggling with winter here in Milwaukee. It’s especially shitty (thought not C, I know)……
C-34 degrees and raining
T- I hate this f*&^(ing weather
A-trudge along, same weather, different year
R-uninspired work-crabby-waiting out the time

I’ve done lots of models on this one……
I change the action line to “finding real estate in AZ or CA to spend 1 month per winter until kids graduate HS. Then I get the F of overwhelm. Where do I find it? I’m looking for the “right” location and my parameters of it being sunny and dry are too broad.

I did this same thing picking my niche BTW. It’s the good ‘ole “opportunity cost” thing happening again.

I also tried to change the F line. I want to feel warm and energized. I’m having trouble conjuring up that feeling here.

Thanks for your help,