My husband gets irritated with what I say, or what I do like if it was against him (it can be anything, It’s surprising). He does it with me and other people too, who can be surprised by his reactions. He said to me “I am susceptible.” What could you tell me about susceptibility please? And here is a model I ran.

Unintentional model

C: People say or do something
T: People don’t like me, what this person says or does is to hurt me on purpose
F: Hurt (Susceptibility)
A: he fights or hides. Action from aggression or shame
R: he doesn’t like himself

The Consequence of the Result is that he thinks people don’t like him and want to hurt him because it’s what he does to himself not loving himself.

Intentional model

C: People say or do something
T: People say or do things reflecting their own thinking.
F: Acceptance
A: he acts from a place of acceptance and love.
R: he accepts myself.