Swallowing Pride

I have recently realized that I have some contempt for certain individuals in my life. I have some strong beliefs that they are beneath me and worth less than me. For instance, one of them has had multiple affairs resulting in several divorces. Misogynistic comments litter his speech. He has neglected his family in the pursuit of sex and money. The other one grovels for approval and acceptance instead of having confidence in who he is. I would never do any of these things and so I struggle to respect these people. These are family members that I have to interact with and I would like to find a more loving place in my heart for them. I recognize the judgement here as well and am ready to work on this narrative.

C- Family members
T- It is difficult for me to respect them when their weaknesses are ones I find contemptuous.
F- Contempt/Disdain
A – I tend to avoid them in order to avoid conflict. The other thing I do is show them that they are wrong because they can’t possibly know what’s right because they are inept. I am kinder in my words and tone but I definitely have this as an underlying feeling that can be felt.
R- A lot of contention and distance over the years

Possible intentional Model

C – Family members
T –
F – Love/Respect
A –
R – I would like to be able to forgive them for all that I believe they have believe they have done wrong because I know that they have value just like me and I would like to value them so that when I interact with them I genuinely show them love and respect even if I still don’t love their company.