I am recently single again and have the following model I’m struggling with:

C: I wake up sweaty and put a towel under me because I sweat so much it gets the bed wet.
T: No one will ever want to be with me – a person who sweats so much when she sleeps
F: discouraged
A: do not put much time/effort into dating
R: ? I am not showing up for me???

C: same
T: Same
F: embarrassed
A: do not put much time into dating, do not share that I am sweaty, hide myself
R: No one is with me?

I see that I could just do exposure and date and let someone see how sweaty I get at night, but it’s not like that will happen in the first date or two, and that is changing the A line, not the T or F line.
Should I think: T: It’s possible someone will want to be with me even though I’m sweaty in the morning. I don’t really believe that.
And then I think, if I do find someone who is willing to put up with my sweatiness, then they will have some negative quality I will have to put up with and I’m a bit afraid of what that might be.