I have gotten myself in the habit of having sweeteners multiple times throughout the week and my weight has gone up. Last year I was putting a little stevia in my tea occassionally and having a stevia dessert maybe 1x a week. This year I am trying to concieve and decided to swap stevia for honey & maple syrup because some say stevia was used as a contraceptive historically…just seems too iffy. Ive found that I can hardly taste natural sweetener now as it is so much less sweet than stevia and I end up using larger amounts. Id like to give up sweeteners entirely or just have 1x a week but I cant seem to make it more than 2 days. Im thinking about wanting something sweet multiple times throughout day. Just knowing it’s not healthy and causing me to gain weight doesnt squash the desire. Im using it for comfort while I work and at end if day when Im cleaning kitchen and just want to sit on couch. Can you give me some new thoughts to think? And do you think giving it up entirely or learning to have it 1x a week would be better for me?