Switch IG (fs)

Hi, and thank you advance for your response to my question!

I’ve set my impossible goal to make 100 K this year with online courses that I am just about to launch. I feel very motivated to do this and over the last 6 to 8 months I have been on track, getting all the things that need to be done, done. I started SCS six months ago and, using the stop over eating work, I lost 8 pounds- which I had been trying to lose for over a decade. My “scary” weight loss goal is to lose five more. I have been doing really well with that and really loving the fact that I was actually not constantly tempted by sugar and flour – as I was for years and years (forever)! But since setting my 2019 IG to make the hundred K, which again I already had planned for myself, I sort of let go of the “no sugar no flour, let’s lose the last 5 pounds” work. I have overindulged more in the last two weeks, once I set my formal 2019 IG, then I had in the past two months! Now I am thinking of switching my Impossible Goal to no sugar no flour and losing those last 5 pounds and truly getting to that place where I am not influenced by sugar and flour and where I have learned, truly learned, to manage urges. Not being tempted by sugar and flour for months at a time, and to get to a place where they really don’t influence me much, does indeed seem like an impossible goal. In fact it seems a bit more like an impossible goals and making 100 K this year ! So my question: do you think it makes sense to switch at this point? Thanks for any insights!