Switching models

Hi, I’d like some help to get clearly what I’m doing.

When it’s bedtime (time I decided it was bedtime) I’m thinking: I don’t want to go to bed. So sometimes I go anyway, sometimes I don’t and or I watch one more Netflix episode or/and I eat chocolate or food with sugar (jam, toffee…). Because we are in the middle of lesson 6 of CCP about emotions I’d like to understand my models.

C : bedtime
T : I don’t wanna go to bed
F : frustration or resistance?
A : buffering with food and/or Netflix
R : brain rewarded

UM 1 :
C : bedtime
T : I don’t wanna go to bed
F : frustration

Switch to UM2:
C bedtime and I’m thinking “I don’t wanna go to bed”
T : Wait a minute, I could have just a little piece of chocolate
F : urge

Switch to UM3
C : the same
T : I perfectly have the right to eat a piece of chocolate, I’m already thin and I’m doing weight loss just to manage my mind
F : allowed
A : eating the chocolate
R : brain rewarded.

So I don’t know if my models are ok because I used to describe the all process in one model, but I’m starting to wonder if in fact I’m not switching to different models until I finally end buffering with eating the chocolate. The first T (“I don’t wanna go to bed”) doesn’t bring me directly to eat the chocolate. I go through “I could eat some chocolate” and then “I’m allowed to eat the chocolate.” And when I processed the emotion created by the T “I don’t wanna go to bed” I realized that it’s not even the chocolate it’s the frustration to end my day and there is still an underlayer that is: “I’m not doing enough.”

I don’t know how to write all of these models in the right order to break the all process down.

Can you help me with this?
Thank you so much!