Syncope follow up

Ok. Thank you for the response. I’ve done some models on this. I am I on the right track? I’ve tried to keep it believable so I don’t get so derailed if I get dizzy again.

C. Syncope
T. I can’t do this again
F. Panic!
A. Freaking out
R. Crying in the bath tub (at least I was feeling my feelings. Hahaha)

C. Syncope
T. It won’t be as bad this time because I’ve had a hysterectomy.
F. Empowered
A. Stay on protocol
R. Keep losing weight

So my other thoughts are also my compelling reason to lose weight. My knees will feel better. My boys deserve me to be my best self. My new business I need to be fit. In my panic I took them to a dark place with me. But I don’t think I want to change them because they are my compelling reasons. Am I looking at that wrong?

Thanks again for your help.