T – I just want to feel full

I joined a couple months ago and right now my focus is on weight loss. I’m actively participating in the 8 lbs. gone in June initiative, so perfect. I’ve made lots of headway in thinking and in protocols and trusting myself to do what I say. Last week, kept to my schedule, and I was close to being on my food protocol. I noticed the following though … 3 nights ago, I had a few veggies at 8pm (not on protocol), and told myself, I just need to feel a little more full, then 2 nights ago, I had a fat bomb at that time and was telling myself about the same thing. Then last night (after spending most of the day outside and some light hiking), I ate 8 slices of cheddar cheese (after my planned meal) telling myself, I need to feel full, especially after this tiring day. Hmmm, So after a week where I was losing weight, I end up actually gaining an ounce because of these little sneak attacks. I think I filled myself up to about a 6.

Prior to these things, my physical sensations were changing from what I have been experiencing on this program in the last month or so. The hunger feelings were different and I was making it mean more than it was, but there were new sensations that I was trying to embrace and learn from and be curious about with some success.

What I would like to ask for help with is the model as follows:

C – I have a food protocol for losing 8 lb. in June
T – I just need to feel full
F – deprived
A – eat off protocol
R – no weight loss

Can you help me explore this thought? The wierd thing is that I’m still working on knowing what hunger feels like – it takes me full concentration to be able to get in touch with my hunger number. When I think this, what I actually do is eat to feel “stuffed” I would say. Which actually kind of feels pretty bad.

Your insight would be greatly appreciated