Tackling overdrinking and overeating at the same time

Dear coaches,
I am one month into Scholars and have decided to bite the bullet and start working on what got me here in the first place: to stop overdrinking.
I would like to combine all this tough work with my tendency to buffer with food too, since I am overweight (need to lose 12kgs to get to my ideal weight)
However, I am worried that this is going to be overwhelmingly difficult for me to do both at the same time, yet willing to commit to both, as they seem so intimately linked, in my case.
My compelling reason for doing the work is to be an embodiment of an authentic and joyful life.
Any words of advice as I jump into this headfirst? I have been known in the past for setting myself extra large goals and then losing momentum, motivation, and quitting.
Should I tackle the overdrinking first and then move onto overeating once I have adjusted into my new self (I want to give up alcohol completely)?