Tactics to Believe New Model in Your Daily Moment-to-Moment


I submitted this type of question last week and just checked in today and don’t see it answered so if it was, can you repost the answer? (I’ll check back for my answer sooner this time…)
Question: I’m an entrepreneur./biz owner with a current pipeline issue and I’m struggling with the minute-by-minute application in daily life for my new model and hope you can help. If your C-line is Pipeline (Slow pipeline) and you’re reworking into a new model thought, HOW EXACTLY do you handle the feelings of anxiousness that continually come up for me during the day around my staff in the current reality of “slow pipeline”. Do I excuse myself however many times a day to go re-read and rewrite my new model to help cope with the moment-to-moment anxiety/worry/nervousness that creeps in during my workday? Thank so much –