Take a break from family

I am working on my thoughts around my in-laws and my husband’s family in general. I want to get to a place where they are them and I am confident and have my own back, but I am not there. I want to “take a break” from family functions while I work on my brain and my communication with my husband about this situation. It is our biggest fight and something we disagree on our family’s boundaries. (is that a thing? family boundaries?) Is this just avoiding? Is this what a mentally healthy person would do?

C: My husband’s family
T: I want to take a break while I work on my brain and communication with my husband
F: Unsure
A: I worry about my manual for a “good person” or a “good life coach” and how I should be handling this. I worry about my husband’s opinion about me
R: I make worrying about this my full-time job and make no decisions.

C: My husband’s family
T: I can have my own back and make choices for myself
F: Calm….. but then I think “Can I really do that? Shouldn’t I be nice and just go with the flow and manage my own mind?”