Take a new job during a pandemic?

I have a great problem, but a problem nonetheless. I have been aggressively recruited by a successful company (Company B). I was not looking to make a move and am pretty content where I am now (Company A). I enjoy my co-workers and am good at my job, and am in line for a possible promotion in the spring. However, my company has hit hard times and I’ve become concerned that the company may be sold or tank if we don’t rebound soon. This is what led me to even entertain conversations with Company B, mostly to keep options open but with no real intention to move. Now, we are at the offer stage and they’ve done a great job in persuading me to make the move. The formal offer is on its way. I am truly 50/50 on the decision now. I thought my gut would guide me but not this time.

On paper, the move would be a no brainer. Company B is doing well financially, is a bit more established, is offering a 2 level promotion plus a large raise and bonus, free healthcare, the list goes on. What is holding me back is the comfort and predictability I’ve created at Company A – I know my co-workers (and like them), LOVE my boss, I know the job, luckily I’m well-paid, I have lots of flexibility in my work hours. The thought of making a change during a pandemic is anxiety-provoking for me. More so than money, my main goal in this decision is to ensure my family’s stability and have a flexible “work life” balance. I’m looking for a way to clear my thoughts and help myself make a decision (knowing that either decision will be “right” if I make it so). Please help! I’ve done a few models below but unsure how to get to the IM. Thanks!

Thought 1
C: New job offer
T: I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a change right now because I am comfortable where I am
F: Indecisive, anxious
A: I make pro/con lists, I ask friends/family their opinion on what I should do, I envision best and worst case scenarios
R: I remain undecided

Thought 2
C: New job offer
T: I should take the job offer because it is an amazing oppt and I’d be crazy to pass it up even if it makes me uncomfortable
F: Conflicted, nervous
A: I come up with reasons why I shouldn’t take the job, envision myself failing at the job or not liking it, ask others’ opinions, buffer
R: I don’t decide whether to take the job