Take actions or just wait ( to find a partner ) ?

I want to find a partner with whom I would like to have a very deep connection, I want someone who likes creative things like me, and hopefully, someone with whom I could work on some common projects, find a house, and renovate it and start a family.
I have been on apps for many years, almost 10, but I don’t want to use them anymore. My friends tell me that they are impressed with how many people I know ( I moved to Japan 3 years ago ) .. but I still haven’t met the right person. Or maybe I did but I haven’t realized that it’s the right person. anyway, for now, I haven’t met anyone that I think could work and I don’t know what I should do in order to meet this person. On one side I think I should look for someone and do as much as I can but on the other side, I think it could happen naturally.. without having to look for anyone. But I want to find someone to love! What should I do? Act or wait? And if I act what should I do?