How to take Massive Actions

Hi Brooke,
Second month on SCS and loving it so far. Thank you for your wonderful podcasts – especially the “How to become a Life Coach” ones. My impossible goal is to make 100K by end of 2018. My concern is that I’ve noticed how I tend to put my family and household management first before my business. I tried launching my coaching business about a couple of years ago and have not gotten off to much of a start.
I like to have things organized and my children taken care of. They are both in high school now, but since I’ve put them first all their lives, I find it hard to shift to putting my business first. My husband is not very helpful in this regard. He has a few tasks that he takes on around the house and feels he is doing enough already. All the responsibilities of running the household and caring for the family has been on my shoulders for the past 20 years.
My question is how to free myself of this habit of putting my family first or can I still do that and still take the massive actions necessary to reach my 100K goal. Right now, I’m making zero and have been mainly consuming teachings.