Taking a break guilt

From January through May I was able to focus on starting two new careers because my children ages 3 and 5 were in school.  I decided to put the two careers on the back burner during summer because I know, for me, it is too much to juggle it all. I decided to just focus on being with my kids and planning fun things for us to do for three months.

However, I continue to feel behind or like I have given up on myself and my career. The careers were getting harder also and I wonder if I am using my kids as an excuse to “quit” for a while. There was momentum and now the careers are sitting idle.

I also feel that I am missing out on all the content offered on the certified coaches site after completing my certification in April. Everyone is progressing so much faster than me. I am not progressing at all.  It is not serving me but I waver between trying to do both careers at the same time as having my kids or completely let them go until school starts back up.

Then all the guilt and shaming myself comes in that I am not able to do it all. I know so many people who do manage it all and therefore shame myself because I am not doing it all.  Do I just not know how to hustle? How to work hard? Prioritize my time? I likely need to just make a decision, like my reasons for it and change the shame/guilt producing thoughts. But I think there is a right answer and I want to get it right. There is just decide. Yet, I still want you to tell me what I should do. Oye! Can you help me with some models? Any insights? Tell me what to do? 😉 ha-ha.