Taking A Goal Seriously Or Not

I am a 4.5 years scholar here.
I have learned so much here and used the tools over these years to lose weight, complete projects, and mostly learn about myself and my brain so much.

The 45 pounds that I lost when I just joined I unfortunately regained and lost twice more over these years.
I’ve decided to lose them for the last time, prepared myself a protocol and calendared my meals, and even ordered a prepared healthy meals service to make it easy for me.

What I noticed is that there is this very serious, pressing, cop-like energy to the way I set myself goals.
It’s always a mode I go into of “I am serious now so pay attention!”
And it doesn’t feel good.
It’s almost that a part of me expects me to dread it, have urges and that the only way to govern that is if I will be very strict, serious and assertive with myself.

What I also learned is that oftentimes while I follow the plan, it does backfire later on and I just want to break free from this feeling.

Yesterday I wondered if there could be another way of taking my weight loss goal seriously but not so seriously?
I mean, not be so serious about it.
Be trusting but more at ease.
Be light and more fun about it.
Be humorous and softer towards it.

As I just say these words to myself I feel lighter and softer but I don’t really know what it could look like.
I wonder if you could advise me with what would being consistent and 100% following through on my protocol look like if it was done with ease and lightness?