Taking action

I have been listening to the podcast for years, in Scholars for quite some time but I have realized that my history is very filled with passive action. I have tried multiple times to make a habit of thought downloads and daily models but I have yet to make it past a 3-day streak of daily work. I have automatic thoughts blaming it on my job and I’m working on replacing those. I’m trying to create an intentional model that feels believable after a 14-hour shift in the emergency room when my brain is offering me the thought that “I’m physically and mentally exhausted”. I often get home and just sit in my car in the garage for 15 minutes because it is hard to move. I fall asleep with my pen in my hand when I do a thought download after work or hit snooze when I set my alarm earlier. I’m looking for a bridge model but I feel like I’m too close to the situation to see it.

Current Model
C- Working night shift
T- I’m too exhausted between shifts to do anything
F- Exhausted
A- Do nothing
R- Don’t change the thoughts or circumstances that are causing the exhaustion

Intentional Model
C- Working night shifts
T- I can do anything for 10 minutes
F- motivated
A- Do the work
R- Feel better