Taking action when I don’t feel like it

I have been working on making a schedule and sticking to it for over a year now. I have discovered I find it much harder than losing weight (which I never would have guessed) than managing my time, and so far I am not happy with TM my results.

Yesterday I had the insight that it’s much easier for me not to do something (not have the wine, not eat off protocol) than to do things I don’t feel like doing. I will make a plan and when it comes time to execute anything difficult, my brain (and thus my body) says “Hell no!” I sat there the other night watching myself NOT moving when I kept sternly telling myself to finish the task I’d set. I did finally finish it, but it took me all evening, and the other things on my list did not (as always) get done.

I know it’s my brain warring with itself, but I’m having trouble separating all the pieces of this. I know intellectually that I’m in control here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it and I’m not seeing the results I want. Not sure yet what is going on, but any insight or guidance as to how to shift my gears is much appreciated.