Taking action

I was just reading the book “Unfuck Yourself” and while I agreed with most of what the author says, I disagree with his take on action.

His basic premise in one of his chapters was “Fuck how you feel, ACT!” He talks about how DOING changes your THINKING.

What I’ve learned by working with the Model is that your thoughts and feelings will always fuel your actions, even if you don’t know that they do.

If you are resisting doing something like learning a new skill, the author’s premise is just do it whether you are ready or not. He says you change your life by changing your actions, not your thoughts because your thoughts will change once you’ve taken the action.

I believe the thing he’s missing is that the UM probably had a thought like “I don’t want to do this” and the IM had a thought like “I’m doing this no matter what”. It can be such a quick decision to shift from inaction to action that we don’t even realize that a thought and feeling predicated that action.

Do I have that right?

We don’t need to wait to be “inspired” to take action, we can just decide to do it, but there was a shift in how we thought and felt in order to take that new action. The shift could simply be from feeling uncertain to feeling determined, but a thought (probably imperceptible) got you to that shift.