Taking phone calls

Hello! I wanted to get some help with my thoughts around my job. I want to increase the value I provide to them and right now I feel like one way I can do that is better managing my emotions when I’m doing certain tasks. One of those tasks being answering the phones. So I work for our state in the department of natural resources. We can get asked 1000s of different questions on any subject (not sure if that is fact or just my brain freaking out).

C- Phone call for DNR
T- I don’t want to do it. People will make fun of me. I don’t know how to answer all of their questions. I get too worked up being on the phones. I’m not confident in my answers. I sound stupid. Everything is an emergency. I don’t enjoy it. It stresses me out.

I have all these thoughts about it. This next week I am scheduled to be on the phones for four hours during two shifts. I’ve been asking myself questions such as – What if answering the phones were easy? What if I didn’t have to like it? What if I could enjoy it? What if it was hard and that’s okay?

I’m making it all about me when I know that most people that call in to us just want to be helped. I feel very reactive, stressed, and like everything is an emergency when I need to be on the phones.

I feel like there is an opportunity for me to grow and learn from this. I want to be a coach in the next year and I’ll need to not make it about myself.