Taking Planes – Guilt, Shame & Addressing Comments

I am someone who takes planes at least twice a month. I travel, I work, I move around all the time.

2 friends of mine keep making comments. Lately, we had a group discussion and here is what was said:
“You should be ashamed of yourself”.
“Look at our planet, you are making this worse”.
“You are clearly unconscious”.
“People who take planes are selfish and bad people”.

I don’t want to stop taking planes. I know why I travel.
If there was a better solution for me to travel: I would take it!

I also know that I feel a lot of guilt and shame myself, let alone when I hear these comments.

I don’t know how to address them. I do believe them. I even feel like I am a “bad person”. Which then doesn’t help me in my relationship with them, with myself, with my life!

I would love some coaching around that.