Taking a quick breathe

Hey Brooke,
[long read]
So after listening to the giving up or burning out podcast, I knew how much it related to me but it REALLY sunk it yesterday.

I was doing research on email marketing and I was trying to figure out how to come up with an follow up sequence after people opt in to my free gift. This research phase was supposed to take 2 hours that I gave myself but ended up becoming an all day thing that turned into two days.

I completely stressed myself out. Then I realized that I’ve been doing everything with no focus, moving from one thing to the next and confusing myself out of fear.

I thought I had given that up but after much thought, I learned that I am still in this place where I want to rush everything but in reality nothing really moves forward cause I’m spinning in my own head and not dialing in on things with full focus.

I mean it’s been over a year and a half and I haven’t started my health coaching business. I have a lot of random things half way done.

I love researching and having those amazing moments where things finally click. But it becomes less fun when I’m doing it out of need to get things done perfectly because I’m scared I’ll do things wrong.

So done with that. I want to take action in building my business out of want and joy. Because learning these things will be so fun to test out and putting out content would be so great for people to take some amazing value from. I want to do all this because it would JUST BE SO DAMN AWESOME. Not because I want to validate that I am good enough to help these people.

So I decided I want to take a step back and really clarify WHY I’ve been doing what I am doing..

Come September I really want to dig into the How to be an Entrepreneur course. I feel it’s coming at such an amazing time for me. I want to walk into it a clearer than I’ve been.

I’m working on living into my purpose and how I want to move in the world.

So I want to take the remaining time this month to truly feel into my purpose and focus on my relationships at home, at work (not business I want to create) and myself. Just expressing love and giving them time and attention. I always neglect my relationships which is why I want to retarget my focus to relationships rather than business like I originally had decided.

Am I just supposed to NOT do any business building work? I am just unsure as to how I will do this when I’ve been giving “working on my business” priority over everything right now.

I can already see my mind going “You’re wasting time, you need to start your business already”.

Guess that’s some work to do.