Taking responsibility for someone else’s business

I am one of three people enrolled in an ongoing group fitness program.  There is no commitment, it is month to month.  The person running the program has stated that they want to grow the program and have more people enrolled. I am considering leaving the program and feel guilty about that idea.

C: I am one of three people in this program.
T: If I leave the program, the trainer will be upset and maybe so will the other people in the program.
F: Guilty
A: don’t leave, tell myself I shouldn’t leave, judge the program and the trainer, think about offering marketing advice so the trainer can get more clients, don’t discuss anything with the trainer, dread the sessions, argue that I “can” afford it so I should stay
R: Stay out of a feeling of obligation and make myself upset.

I want to get to a result where I either leave the program or stay in it because it is or is not beneficial to me, not because of anyone else’s thoughts or feelings. I know I’m trying to take responsibility for how my trainer feels. But when I try out thoughts such as, “I am not responsible for his business,” or “How he feels is not in my control,” I feel so much resistance and guilt. Any suggestions on ladder thoughts or a different way to look at this issue?