Taking things personally

Recently a friend of mine seemingly misunderstood a text from me and responded meanly. Historically, I have chosen to ignore when this particular friend hurts my feelings and ‘let it go’ even though the hurt still bothers me. I understand that the things people say mean nothing about me and are just a reflection of what that particular person is going through or thinking. Oddly enough I’m hurt not by what was said, but by the choice to be mean. That’s what hurt. It’s hard not to take that personally. I feel that I should call this person out on their behavior out of respect for myself however want to choose to be a loving person and not retaliate out of hurt. Ultimately, I think the question is: what do I need to think to not take the intentional act of being hurtful personally? Or maybe I’m supposed to allow that hurt? I also don’t want to perpetuate drama.