Taking up more space in the world

This past year of using the Model and working on my beliefs, I’ve achieved some amazing things. And my brain feels so much better, consistently! One thing I was working on this year was being comfortable taking up more space in the world, which to me means having more of a public presence (my website, social media) especially around marketing my business. Well…it worked, in that, I quadrupled my income and have gotten some incredible opportunities! And I recently started a podcast that I’m excited about.

Rather like molting, I can feel that I’m growing, and the space where I feel comfortable no longer fits. There may be an element of being more public that always feels uncomfortable, and that’s okay. But my main T is “I already grew so much! Now I have to grow MORE?”

Model of another thought that came up recently:
C: Putting content out in public ways
T: I’ve already accomplished so much in the past year and I won’t seem relatable if I keep achieving these ridiculous things like getting published
F: Embarrassed
A: Only mention my achievements once or not at all, avoid listing new news on my website, avoid publicly sharing podcasts I’ve been on, avoid making art
R: Everything in my art-making and business slowing down a bit