Talking to your kids about money.

I have told my kids “Money doesn’t grow on trees” because I don’t want them to waste it and ask to buy more and more toys when they have so many. I also tell them sometimes “Mommy has to work hard for money and be away from you on the weekends to earn money.” I have been realizing those aren’t helpful thoughts to give them.

I personally feel I have an abundance mindset with money myself but I don’t know why I say these things to my kids. I want them to respect money and be thoughtful on how they spend it and not always want more and more so I think that is why I say that to them.

What would be a good way of talking to my kids about money or some good phrases to use with them. They are 7 and 9 yo right now, but I do want them to get a higher education and have a career one day so I feel telling them “Money does grow on trees” would not serve them.

I have thought about saying something like “Do something to serve others or society and that you are passionate about and you will always have enough money.”