Target audience, specific enough?

I am working on narrowing my target audience and i’m not sure if i’ve narrowed down specifically enough. Below is what i’ve worked out so far, please provide any specific feedback that you may have.

Who Do I want to work with

Women experiencing a stressful life
-They are women who work and raise families
-They are out of touch with themselves as they are constanlty giving and focusing outward
-They are worried about “falling apart” as they are under so much pressure
They are lacking fulfillment in their lives because of the burdens that they carry

Problem to Solve: (in their words)
Feeling overwhelmed, anxious about completing tasks and commitments because of the overwhelming schedule they are sustaining

How I will solve it (in a way they understand)

Stress Management
Anxiety Management
Self Care
Time Management
Goal and Vision Work
Understanding Buffering

Thank you!
Alissa Taglione