Target Market / Program Development

Hi Brooke,

I’m working through your tremendous podcast ‘How to be a life coach’, and have a question about target market. I can see how it is critical in at least two areas:
– creating the product for that target market (freebies, programs, etc)
– targeting Ads to the market, in terms of the search criteria used in FB ads for example

Some questions:
A), how necessary is it to explicit describe the target market in one’s marketing materials.

The following is somewhat hypothetical
Let’s say that my target market is professional men over 40 working in technical fields who want to bring more to their romantic relationships by …. (I haven’t sorted this out yet – l have plenty of ideas and more narrowing is needed)

Would my marketing materials on the website necessarily spell out ALL of the parameters/constraints of the market, i.e. ‘over 40 years old’ ? Or is some of the reason for the precision of the target specification just for backend purpose, e.g. Advertising targeting.

B) I find that I’m iterating between developing the outline of a program and defining the target market. In other words I’m not moving linearly from definition of the market, and only then developing the program. Does this seem like a sensible approach, or is it wishy washy or indecisive?