Target market round 2 – specific enough?

Hi Brooke! Thanks for answering my question yesterday about changing my plans for April. Based on your advice, I went ahead and sent my email and posted to my blog even though I TOTALLY did not feel like doing it. I will double down.

At the end of last month, I asked about choosing a target market and you said to add one more thing to make it more specific.

Original target market:
Working moms who crave being less busy
Highly intelligent, sensitive introvert, age 30-50
Ready to invest time and money in doing the work to create real, lasting change
Understand the true value this provides

The additional criteria I’m considering are:
1. Interested in minimalism / transitioning to a more minimalist lifestyle
2. Have put a lot of energy into having a successful professional career, now want to focus on life outside of work while still keeping their current job

I have several minimalist blogs I follow and so I know there is an audience there for minimalism.

For the second criteria I added, I think it would apply to various different professionals (dr, lawyer, Ph.D., corporate leader/manager, etc.). I’m guessing you might want me to pick one of these specifically and for whatever reason, I feel resistant to do that. I have a leadership role in an actuarial consulting practice, but I don’t want to pick that as my group.

What do you think? Is this specific enough? Could I just do the minimalism one and leave off the second about career type?