Is My Target Market Specific Enough?

I feel that I’m pretty well dialed in, but I’d love to get your input on whether my target market is specific enough. I’m marketing to:

Purpose-driven coaches who have reached, or are approaching, the 6-figure mark in their business. They have worked hard to get to this stage, and they’re happy to have clients and income. But now…

• Their time is maxed out from working with clients 1:1 and it’s affecting their earning potential.
• So, they’re at a point where it may be time to shift into offering group programs, or otherwise making changes to their business model.
• Tasks they’ve always handled on their own are more complex, and things are starting to slip through the cracks – like contacts, opportunities and money.
• They feel like they don’t have control over the growth of their business and they need to establish systems, structure, decluttering and organization behind the scenes.
• They’re working at a pace that’s not sustainable, but they feel like they don’t have the time, energy or capacity to make the needed changes.

Note, too, that I’m marketing toward coaches who can identify with being “black sheep” – unconventional, non-conformists who’ve always felt like they were different or a misfit around others. They tend to have different viewpoints and perspectives from others.

I’m calling them forth because I believe that they are the ones who can be major thought leaders and change-makers in the world. And this messaging is prevalent in my business name, copy, videos, etc.

My 6-month program walks them through getting clear on their vision and goals and establishing systems, structure, decluttered time and space, and organization behind the scenes. And, for those who are ready, there’s a component for helping them bring on and manage team support. There’s also coaching around the mental-emotional ‘stuff’ that’s coming up at this stage in their business, and facilitating their embodiment of the leader they are becoming as they transition from “overwhelmed solopreneur” to “visionary CEO”.

My services aren’t about helping them “grow” their business. It’s about helping them create the structures, systems, organization and integrity so they gain the leverage, time, energy and capacity to continue growing their reach, impact and income.

My questions are:

• Is this specific enough?
• Are the problems I’ve identified accurate? And are they big enough that they would pay for my solutions?
• Considering these identified problems, the solutions I’m offering, and the fact that I haven’t reached $100K yet myself… Should I focus on those who are a) in the $50-$80 income range, b) right at/over $100K?

(Eventually I see myself being the go-to person/company for business owners who are in the $250K+ range who are ready to prepare their business systems, structures and capacity to really expand their reach, impact and income as thought leaders and change-makers on a larger scale.)

This is a long post, I know! 😊 Thank you for your feedback and insights!