Target Market Take 3 (or so…)

Hi Brooke! I’ve asked about my target market a couple of times, your answers have directed me to think about a specific group I can market to. I’m back again with another stab at it…

Working moms who crave being less busy
Highly intelligent, sensitive introvert, age 30-50
Ready to invest time and money in doing the work to create real, lasting change
Understand the true value this provides


Same characteristics as above but more specific and (I hope) marketable…

Working mom who owns an online business with a focus on helping other women thrive and be well. Her business is really taking off and having incredible success. My client loves working on her business and is excited about its success, but she also feels crazy busy and struggles to find balance between work and family. She knows this isn’t what she wants/isn’t sustainable, but what she has tried (delegating, self care, planning) isn’t getting her all the way there.

In a perfect world, she would like to have time for everything and feel more relaxed. She knows that her business will do best, and she will be able to serve other women best, when she isn’t maxed out going 100 miles per hour all the time. She identifies as sensitive and introverted, and having plenty of time to decompress is important to her. She also will admit that she has a tendency towards people pleasing, perfectionism, and insecurity and knows that if she could make real change in these areas, she would have more balance and feel better. She just doesn’t know how to change them because they seem like part of her personality to her.

My solution will be coaching, with a focus on time. My coaching will help her to see that she can create all the time she needs by changing her thinking (with a focus on changing people pleasing, “Type A” thinking, etc.). She will have more time and more connection with her family, more downtime for herself, less work time, less time overwhelming/worrying, etc. Her business will reach new levels of success because she is creating time for herself and that allows her to contribute and serve others at her highest level.

Let me know your thoughts – THANK YOU!