Target Market Take 4

Hi Brooke! I’m back again, with another attempt at my target market, based on the questions you provided in the last answer.

Working moms who crave being less busy
Highly intelligent, sensitive introvert, age 30-50
Ready to invest time and money in doing the work to create real, lasting change
Understand the true value this provides


What would the person google to find you?

Email management

Why would they be googling?

Have way too much work email and can’t get caught up. Stressed, overwhelmed, and behind at work. Interfering with personal/family time and work life balance.

And why would they click on your site and hire you?

My search title would be something like: Free 5-day Inbox Detox – Get caught up and feel amazing

My freebie would provide a system to stay caught up on email but it would ALSO work on the underlying reason we are behind at work (our thoughts), which is why it will work so much better than other tools that ONLY provide the organizational system

What do you think??