Target Niche for Coaching

Hi Brooke! Totally love this program – so thank you – thank you – thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have lost 12 pounds since the beginning of March and commited to a protocol and IF. (Pretty sure I have the secret to the universe 🙂

I left my corporate job in September after 26 years and just started my own coaching business. I am really trying to get focused on my niche. Does this make sense and is it specific enough?

I work with smart, empathic women who are people pleasing healthcare professionals that have now chosen to work on the business side of healthcare such as management or independent contributor positions in health insurance companies and hospital administration. They want so desperately to perform at an amazing level because they are high achievers, however they quickly learn the environment is competitive, uncomfortable, cold, and cutthroat. As a result, they often find themselves coping with it through overeating, over drinking, overspending, smoking, and buffering to the point where it negatively impacts the very thing they want the most which is success, recognition, health, and happiness.

I am able to coach these women to achieve accelerated and holistic results to be effective, strong, confident professionals/leaders who stand-up for themselves and lead with confidence, competence, energy and authenticity. Most recently, a woman I have been coaching, received two promotions, and an increase of $35,000 in salary, lost 35 pounds, averages 20,000 steps per day, increased her HDL (good cholesterol) by 30 mg/dl and now goes to yoga two times per week. She reports as a result of being coached that she is a much more effective leader and that she can stand up for herself in a more thoughtful, unemotional manner. She gains results quicker, can focus her energy on one thing at a time, and can manage through turmoil not just success to turn something around. She said as a result of being inspired to eat better and move more she manages her stress better and her “work output” is better.

Would love your input. I so respect your opinion.